Haraka Delivery Service

Haraka delivery services is a motorbike delivery service based in Nairobi.
Haraka is a Kiswahili name that means fast.
We provide fast and reliable delivery solutions to businesses, professionals and individuals.

Our Vision

To be the preferred delivery services partner for businesses, professionals and individuals.

Our Mission

To provide fast and reliable motorbike delivery services to our customers.
We will do this by gaining a thorough understanding of the customer’s delivery needs and providing the
necessary support to meet the needs. We are committed to building business relationships with our
customers and growing together.

haraka delivery mission


Customer Service – We aspire to meet the customer’s needs and build lasting relationships.

Excellence – We are committed to the highest standards of performance in all that we do.

Integrity – We conduct our business with integrity.

We value our people – Customers, employees and all the partners we interact with.

Team work – We work together.

Our Approach

Gain a thorough understanding of the business requirements.
Efficiently address customer needs.
Sustain a business relationship.
Grow with our customers.

Happy Delivering…